Fairpoint Communications Wins First Annual Worst Business Operating in Maine Award

Fairpoint Communications Wins First Annual Worst Business Operating in Maine Award

We have computed the results and have come to the conclusion that the first annual Award  for Worst Business Operating in Maine Award should go to Fairpoint Communications.  It was not a tight race.  Now some may say we left deserving businesses out of the mix but we believe we have in the end that we made the correct decision.  You can find the breakdown of the criteria we based this award on.

First off we would like to congratulate them on their lack of internal communications.  Apparently there is little communication between their customer service, their technical support, their field technicians, and their administration.  This results in a circular chain of blame where no one is at fault and a customers problem either takes forever or never gets fixed at all.  We are ourselves waiting for about 10 phone calls from field technicians that apparently never got the ticket email that they were supposed to check on a particular problem.  This is a cascading type of failure that can go on forever.

Second, claims of lost emails and missing email accounts abound.  These seem to start  with the changeover from Verizon and continue to accumulate even up until today.  Loss of important emails is something that can not be a good thing at all in this day and age of digital communications.  We recommend if you have no alternative for a Internet Service Provider that you make your primary email at Gmail or Hotmail or any other reputable source.

Overselling known bandwidth is one of the major offenders that led to receipt of this award.  Multiple reports of overburdened network cards and channels have cropped up all over Maine.  Cases where roads that were without DSL service were turned on for more income without purchasing the correct support hardware or the necessary bandwith to deal with all the new paying accounts.  Reports of standard internet speeds dropping to below dial up speeds between the hours of 3 PM EST and 11 PM EST during the weekdays and almost all daytime hours of the weekend are normal.  Calls to customer service result in people saying we will send out a technician that never arrives or calls or in some cases the customer service rep actually telling the truth and saying there is an overburdened network card.

We realize that there are not a ton of options for rural Maine but we recommend doing anything you can to stay away from this company.  Many other factors including claims of  incorrect billing and a decidedly terrible account management and bill payment system led to this decision as well.  Our judgement is that even a vital signs monitor would find no signs of life in this declining company that values more customers over happy customers..

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