Pro Gun Ralliers Visit the Augusta State House

Pro Gun Ralliers Visit the Augusta State House

Many came out to support the the Guns Across America National Rally on January 19th in front of the State House.  With over 100 people in attendance throughout the day the rally was a great success.  The numbers would have swelled greatly here but the lines at the Gun Show at the Augusta Civic Center were by far much greater.  Opinions varied from the present administration removing gun rights to the constitution being diminished to outright claims of fascism.

Obama, his administration, and other “Gun Grabbers” have been the greatest salespeople for the gun industry not only last year but now this year as well.  In a country were polls show most Americans believe in the 2nd Amendment and its full meaning  it is hard to believe the administration would be pushing for more gun laws based on a false claim in a heinous massacre.

We at News in Maine feel that everyone should have the rights gaurunteed to them by the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.   We believe in the people’s rights to own firearms, the people’s rights to be married to a partner of either sex, a woman’s right to choose, and every other right that does not hurt another person or infringe on that person’s rights.  We will always support these rights and others.

We do believe that the government has no right to cross this line.  With fascist’s in power in New York such as the governor Mario Cuomo and the pint-size dictator Michael Bloomberg all entities in support of the 2nd Amendment should be going on the offensive as opposed to the defensive before the United States becomes the 4th Reich.

And remember, friends,  all the United States’ old enemies took their people’s guns.  Let us not become them slowly, quickly, or in any other manner.

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