Welch Allyn Medical Diagnostics for the Modern Doctor

Welch Allyn is a name well known in the medical field for their wide range of medical equipment. Their innovative designs and manufactured medical tools meet the needs of today’s health professionals from stethoscopes to digital blood pressure devices to complex diagnostic equipment.

Welch Allyn was established in 1915 in New York City when Dr. William Allyn and Dr. Francis Welch joined forces on developing the first hand-held illuminated ophthalmoscope, a medical devise used to examine the retina and interior of the eye. Today the company is still privately owned and run by fourth generation family members based on the foundation and vision of Dr. William Allyn’s son, William G. Allyn (W.G.) a trained optometrist. By remaining privately owned, they are able to focus on their own mission and future vision without having to yield to pressures of monetary gain to stockholders and investor demands.

The Welch Allyn name is everywhere you look when dealing with medical and healthcare services around the world. Function and durability are built into every product Welch Allyn makes. They are the best because they always strive to be the best. Always looking to improve existing equipment and delving into new technology has provided the excellence attributed to Welch Allyn as pioneers on the frontline of patient care.

The least funded and researched area of medicine today lies in medical technology. Welch Allyn has taken up its crusade to concentrate on improving and developing new products through using new technology in this area. Better patient care through the use of the best durable and well constructed equipment leaves the care givers of the world more time to devote to the people that need their services.

The stethoscope is an instrument that is so commonplace in the healthcare profession that not much thought is attributed to it. That is an area in which Welch Allyn excels. In the battlefield, remote areas of the world, contagious situations, medical training and consultation situations; Welch Allyn has taken under advisement the needs of these healthcare professionals and developed a stethoscope to handle their unique requirements. The Welch Allyn line of stethoscopes include an economical lightweight model at just 4 oz, a disposable version to not compromise the spread of contagions, and a series of headsets that hook up to one stethoscope for multiple listening capacity as well as hooking up to a computer to record an exam. Less invasive to the patient, this technology is premier to teaching and consultation settings and opens up the area of remote diagnostics.

Another area of product advancement by Welch Allyn is in the area of otoscopes. A staple instrument in general patient examination, this instrument allows the health professional to view the ear canal and tympanic membrane. Improvements to this device include lighting through advanced halogen and fiber optic applications for better viewing and diagnostic decisions.

Thermometers are another category of simple instruments taken for granted but of the utmost importance in diagnostics. Welch Allyn has developed a series of electronic thermometers with removable probe wells to prevent cross-contamination. No longer relying on outdated dangerous mercury tubes, new technology has taken temperature monitoring into the twenty first century with speed and precision through oral, rectal, adult or pediatric axillary applications with one instrument. There is also an exclusive model to accurately take a temperature through the ear.

Product assessment devises may require replacement parts from time to time to keep Welch Allyn instruments operating at full efficiency for many years to come. Replacing parts is becoming a lost art in today’s built in obsolescence mentality by other company developers. Welch Allyn retains old-time value while incorporating current technological advancements. Lasting durability has always been and is one of their company priorities. Even in the area of replacement parts for their medical instruments, it is possible to upgrade reliability through technology. No where is this more evident than in the area of batteries.  Nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries and lithium ion batteries extend the portability usage times of hand-held instruments used in medical facilities as well as in field and remote area settings.

Since 95% of all patients are treated in clinics, locals doctor’s offices, and nursing homes; Welch Allyn’s devotion to improvements and new developments for medical technologies used in these settings allow for better, easier, faster diagnostics allowing healthcare providers more flexibility in accurate diagnoses to an increasing number of patients needing their services.

Since Welch Allyn has gone through such extensive research and development into the simple medical tools such as stethoscopes, otoscopes, thermometers, and replacement batteries, you can well imagine the strives that have been made in diagnostic and surgical equipment as well as patient monitoring equipment and systems used in emergency medical vehicles. Today’s advancing technology is being fully explored and utilized by the Welch Allyn company. It is no wonder that their defibrillator units are present in almost all emergency response vehicles and emergency rooms across our nation.

Over the next couple of decades, the largest segment of our population, the baby boomers, will be entering their senior years. The strain of medical needs of this segment on a smaller pool of healthcare professionals will be met by Welch Allyn’s continuing focus on future medical developments and research into swift efficiency and accuracy of devices and equipment to handle the challenges presented. Website equipment training and guides are evidence to Welch Allyn’s devotion to medical professionals everywhere.

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