About Us

NewsinMaine.com is a locally owned company that operates with independent political views and no-spin, no-nonsense reporting.  We think that the main stream press should behave more like alternative press sources.  NewsinMaine.com strives to be ethical and report on matters we believe are important to Mainers.  We also offer information that will appeal to tourist and much of this crosses over as we know our local residents love visiting our vacation areas as much as the Vacationers do.  We will provide original news and articles on Maine Entertainment, Maine Business, Politics (mostly local to Maine), Maine Events, Maine Restaurant Reviews, Maine Bar Reviews, Maine Club Reviews, Maine Vacation Destination Reviews, Maine Sports, Maine Outdoors, Maine Style, and Maine Alternative News as well as anything else related to the State of Maine we choose to publish.  NewsinMaine.com although not classified as a non-profit is essentially not for profit.  We hope only to be able to support ourselves as an independent online informational resource for the State of Maine.

Currently no one working for NewsinMaine.com receives any compensation for their work however as our business grows we hope to become an employer.  If you are looking for an internship as a part of an educational program please contact us.  Also if you wish to become a contributor and have your works published on our website contact us as well.

NewsinMaine.com is wholly owned by Grey Hybrid Systems however the opinions of NewsinMaine.com and its authors are not endorsed by Grey Hybrid Systems and are the opinions only of NewsinMaine.com and its authors and in no way represent Grey Hybrid Systems.  Grey Hybrid Systems is also an independently thinking, locally owned company with no particular political or social views.

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